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From our headquarters in Newcastle upon Tyne, Horizonworks offers the full spectrum of marketing services under one roof.

Our key strength is working with companies on setting their marketing strategy and then delivering it, producing real, measurable results and maximising a return on investment. Our approach underpins this success.


1) Scope


2) Insight


3) Strategy


4) Plan


5) Deliver


6) Review

1. Scope
Understanding your marketing needs.

We spend time to get to know your business, objectives and future plans - it is important that we understand your strategic goals as this will underpin any marketing project we deliver for you. We then create a schedule of work setting out our activities, timeframes and key deliverables against your budget.

2. Insight
Researching your market.

We will research your market, competition, clients and prospective clients as well as review your current marketing activities, approach and messaging. As a result of this, we will be able to define your USP, proposition and key messages, which underpin your brand – ensuring the elements that set you apart from your competitors are at the forefront and the values of the business are clearly articulated.

3. Strategy
Setting your objectives and goals.

Strategy is at the heart of what we do – a clear and focused marketing strategy is essential to positioning your company effectively in the market and providing a framework for growth. We will understand your objectives from the scoping session and will have a clear understanding of your current position, profile and benchmarking in your sector from the market insight. We will create a strategy which is focused on meeting your business objectives and it will set out your key strategic deliverables to achieve success.

4. Plan
Planning your campaign.

Planning your campaign is a fundamental part of the process as there as so many different marketing tactics available to you, it’s important to ensure that the right ones are used to help you reach your target audiences. It will be specifically tailored to meeting your objectives and will pinpoint specific activities that need to be delivered over a set timeframe. It is important that your activities are consistent and integrated for maximum benefit and results.

5. Deliver
Implementing your campaign.

Once the plan is in place, it’s time to deliver the campaign using the identified channels to your market and audience. At this point we will work with you on a retainer basis and act as your marketing team – ensuring activities set out in the plan are delivered on time and to budget.

6. Review
Measuring your results.

The critical part of our approach is to ensure that you have the right tools and metrics in place to measure your marketing activities – these should link to your business objectives and the objectives set out in your marketing strategy. We update our clients on a monthly basis and provide marketing reports to illustrate the impact of our activity.

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