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At Horizonworks, we always build a team around your business and its needs.

We’ll structure that team, utilising the specialist knowledge of our staff, to meet your specific needs. We pride ourselves on both our expertise – gained from working in a wide range of industry sectors – and our friendly and professional approach. We truly enjoy our work – and know you’ll enjoy working with us too.

Samantha Davidson

Managing Director

"A clear, focussed and well informed marketing strategy will underpin a business’s growth and future success."

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Richard Holmes

Account Director - Marketing & PR

"PR is necessary and whether you are a multi-national or start-up, it has a vital role to play."

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Antonia Edwards

Account Director

"PR provides a lens through which audiences view all your other marketing tactics."

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Rachel Boon

Creative Director

"Your brand is your business. It represents the essence of your organisation."

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Emma Parker

Business and Finance Manager

"It’s crucial that your marketing plan has a well-defined budget for putting it into action."

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Vanessa Robinson

Client Marketing Manager

"Whatever your content strategy, it should be founded on a deep understanding of your customers and how they perceive your brand."

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Laura Nee

Digital Marketing Manager

"Digital media is a highly effective means of reaching your customers and engaging with them in a two-way conversation."

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Camilla Bailey

Client Marketing Executive

"Understanding your position in the market should be the first port of call for any organisation prior to developing a marketing strategy."

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Daniel Coggin

Digital Marketing Executive

"Social media is the modern-day tech equivalent of word of mouth - it’s just as powerful for broadening the reach of your brand."

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Kasey Hartney


"Communicating brand story that effectively resonates with the intended audience, whether it be written or visual, is key to creating an impactful and meaningful brand identity."

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Peter Davidson


"Running a business without a marketing strategy is like setting of on a journey without direction."

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Jen Dugdale

Account Director

"The best campaigns contain an integrated set of activities that help you achieve the goals set out in the strategy."

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