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Horizonworks is a B2B marketing agency that specialises in working with technical and innovation focussed businesses from the sectors including manufacturing, engineering, healthcare, science, research, pharmaceutical and technology.

We provide and end to end marketing service from strategy to delivery to ensure all elements of your marketing are unified and work together to generate the best results – and clients can access all services under one roof. We believe that a clear, focused and well-informed marketing strategy will underpin a business’s growth and future success. It’s that simple.

As a strategy-led business, we help businesses expand their horizons by developing well informed marketing strategies that position them as leaders in their market and at the forefront of their competitors.  Our B2B marketing specialists can shape your future and provide a framework for growth by delivering marketing campaigns that will raise your visibility, showcase your credibility and generate qualified leads.

Our work is strategy-led and unified ensuring all elements of your marketing work together to generate the best results. We specialise in quickly grasping complex technologies, products and services and translating them into compelling marketing messages and campaigns that get your business noticed regionally, nationally and globally.


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