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Date: 25 July 2016 | Time: 9:13

Internal Culture and Values: Top Tips to Spread the Word Internally

So you’ve invested time and money into market research for your company: undergone a communications audit, identified your USP and values, developed key messages, and have a brilliant strategy for communicating with your target markets. But what about internally?

It’s important to recognise that obtaining ‘buy in’ from your staff is crucial if you want to effectively market your product or service. When your employees are on board – and live and breathe your company ethos – it translates to a better and more consistent experience for your customers, building brand loyalty and trust.

To help you along the way, we’ve compiled our top 5 tips for spreading the word internally and getting your staff on board with your brand.

1. Mission, Vision and Values
Every company should have a vision, mission and values and these should be shared and communicated throughout the business.

It’s important your staff have a say in this – what do they feel the direction of the business is? What values do they try to uphold in their working day? Holding a strategy session with your employees is a good way to make everyone feel involved in this process.

2. Embedding your culture and ethos
After you’ve spent time refining your vision, mission and values it’s important you start to embed this amongst your staff. Simple ways to do this involve creating posters with your company’s branding and displaying them prominently around the office, or creating a staff ‘brand in the hand’ document – a leaflet or brochure that clearly sets these out along with how to put them into practice. This will also gear people up for the future, communicate the direction of the business and how everyone has a role to play in its growth journey.

3. Communications
For larger organisations, sending regular e-bulletin (weekly or fortnightly) to inform staff of personnel changes, contract wins, ‘good’ news stories and events will help to promote and reinforce your values, ethos and vision. You can create a simple branded template to do this that can easily be filled in each week by communications or HR.

Allow staff to respond to this with questions/queries and include a more ‘informal section’ that could feature news of charity work, sporting achievements, qualifications gained etc. by staff.

4. Workshops
Hold regular brand workshops to discuss communicating your company values internally and externally – for example, effects of correct use of brand/incorrect use of brand to help reinforce your company ethos.

In larger organisations, these can be cross-departmental and led by a brand ambassador. By being cross-departmental, this demonstrates how important living your company values is for every member of staff.

5. Customer/ Client Journey
Articulate the client journey clearly to demonstrate that everyone is involved in creating a brand culture. Holding events and workshops to encourage input from everyone will help to highlight the various touchpoints and experiences your customers or clients have. Remember, every interaction with a customer or a client is an opportunity to embed your business’ ethos, brand and values. It’s important that your employees live and breathe this!

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