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Date: 24 February 2017 | Time: 11:43

Top 5 creative tips to help your brand make an impact

The way you convey your brand through design should create impact and make you stand out from the crowd. More importantly, it should communicate – through strong imagery, style and key messages – exactly what your business stands for.

At Horizonworks, we fully understand the importance of this. After all, great design is one of the best ways to make an impact in a crowded marketplace.

Ask yourself – is your design turning heads, and more importantly, the right heads?

If not, then it might be time to consider updating your brand.

Whether you are looking to revitalise your brand, or you are a start-up just beginning to create and foster your identity, we’ve provided our top 5 design tips to help your brand make an impact:

Know your purpose:

Take a step back from the design project and define what it is you’re trying to achieve. If you can establish project aims and objectives, you can plan the necessary steps to reach the desired outcome.

Do your research:

Overtime, many brands fail to succeed because they are not fully understood by both their internal and external audiences. Thorough market and consumer research can overcome this problem to influence a brand’s visual style.

Ask yourself: do you understand the market you operate in? Have you identified your target consumer?

If you can answer these questions your brand identity can begin to take shape.

Keep it consistent:

One of the key ideas in creating a strong brand is to keep your visual identity consistent across marketing platforms. Whether you are designing a brochure, website, or business cards, the visual style of your brand should not change. Doing so will strengthen your brand image and increase levels of customer recognition.

Keep it clean and clear:

Always use typefaces which are easy to read and use clean lines – there is no point in designing something if only you know what it represents!

Be inventive:

Remember to always push yourself and don’t be afraid to experiment. Try work different typefaces, colours and images into your visual style. Original work that sets out to make an impact can never be created if you simply follow and repeat trends.

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