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Date: 10 March 2016 | Time: 16:03


Sceptical about Twitter? Cynical about LinkedIn? Social media should be seen as a way to deliver a focused marketing strategy, engage with customers and reach new markets. As a full service strategic marketing company, we’ve integrated social media implementation into many of the strategies we’ve delivered for clients. We've compiled our top tips for social media success…

1. Set out the goals of your social media activity
Some companies wish to use social media to connect with their stakeholders or explore new opportunities with industry bodies. Others want to raise their profile and build brand credibility. Many want to increase sales – whether that’s of a product, service, or seats at an event. Social media can also be an effective way in which to disseminate news and announcements, such as job vacancies. Outline your objectives and pat yourself on the back when you meet them!

2. Ensure consistency with the overall marketing plan
Your social media activity should be integrated into your overall marketing plan and used as a tool to achieve key objectives and goals. A good marketing company can create a social media strategy that defines your core audience and messages, ensuring synergy with your other marketing activities. By being part of an integrated marketing strategy, social media can be an immensely powerful tool.

3. Create and implement a social media policy
Social media can act as a voice for your company and platform to enable you to interact with stakeholders, staff and customers. Carefully consider the nature of your social media content and how it relates to your target audience. Your social media policy should highlight the appropriate tone of voice and define the frequency and timing of updates.

4. Choose the right platform
There are numerous social networks available, each with their own advantages. It’s important to choose the most appropriate and use them effectively, as not all of them will reach the audience you seek. For example, if you’re a design company or a retailer selling interior products or fashion items, consider using visually-led platforms such as Pinterest or Instagram, as they can showcase what you offer customers. If you’re operating in a business-to-business environment, consider using LinkedIn to engage with key decision makers within prospect companies.

5. Ensure your activity is making an impact
An advantage of using social media is that there are a host of analytical tools available, many of which are free, and many networks now feature their own built-in tools. Be sure to set a number of key objectives for your social media activity: If the key goal is to drive traffic to your website, then review its impact using Google Analytics. You may consider employing a marketing company to collect and analyse this data which can be used to continuously update and improve your social media strategy and ultimately achieve your goals.

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