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Date: 10 March 2016 | Time: 16:04


When it comes to marketing, many companies are faced with the same challenge: translating technical product or service information into marketing messages that will make them stand out from competitors in their sector. We’ve listed our top five tips for overcoming this challenge and maximising return on marketing investment.

1. Have a marketing strategy
Running a business without a marketing strategy is a bit like setting off on a journey without any directions. A clear and focussed strategy is essential to help drive your business forward and provide a framework for growth. Developing a tailored strategy that’s right for you is key. You can then take strategic steps to positioning your company effectively in the market and meeting your goals and objectives.

2. Review your strategy
You may need to review and refine your marketing strategy as time goes on. Consider current and future developments in your market that could impact on your company, and be sure to plan for these. You should be able to measure your marketing activity and evaluate its impact.

3. Know your competition
Comprehensively research your competitors: examine their activities and benchmark their strengths and weaknesses against your own. What is it they’re doing that you’re not? Could your marketing campaigns be improved to counter the threats that they pose? Identify what makes you stand out from your competitors and use your unique selling points throughout your strategy.

4. Know your customers
A communications audit – taking in a sample of your customers, suppliers, employees and partners – is a great way to understand the current perceptions of your business and measure how effective your communications are. Think about what is driving customer demand and consider the customer experience. Are you using the right channels? Are you meeting their needs? Have you missed opportunities for repeat business?

5. Stay active online
Marketing has changed its face over recent years: the increase in digital and social media driving it to new heights. You can’t afford to ignore digital marketing – it’s here to stay. It provides a highly effective means of reaching your customers and engaging them in a two-way conversation. Many prospective customers will check out your website and social media presence, therefore it’s essential that these channels are kept up to date. Hosting a news page or a blog is a great way to build credibility and brand personality, whilst providing content for sharing via social media and improving SEO results too. You will reap the benefits when you convey the right message for your business – a message which will build profile and develop relationships.

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