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Date: 27 February 2018 | Time: 13:39


As the strategic marketing partner of the Advanced Manufacturing Forum (AMF), we recently hosted our quarterly AMF Marketing Club. The event focused on ‘A whistle-stop tour of marketing – 60 minutes, 60 tips, 60 takeaways!’ and saw our team share their top 10 tips for strategy, market research, branding, marketing campaigns, public relations and digital. Below is a snapshot of some of the tips we gave to help guide delegates through their marketing journeys – from strategy to delivery.

Research, Strategy and Brand.

  1. Health check your current marketing

Review all areas of your marketing and measure how each is performing –and put in place recommendations of what needs to be improved upon this year.

  1. Know your USP

Some companies incorporate a strapline (or slogan) into their logo which is a simple way of communicating their point of difference.

  1. Have a clear and focused marketing strategy in place

It’s important that all of your marketing efforts have a clear focus and direction and are aligned clearly to objectives –and your business objectives.

PR, Events and Networks

  1. Create a press pack

This is a useful tool which can provide information to journalists and networks, and promote your specialisms. It is used to educate journalists and can act like a ‘foot in the door’ when starting to build your relationship with them and secure editorial opportunities.

  1. Shape your news pipeline

What positive news is coming out of the business? Think about new recruits, new services and products, awards, contract wins, partnerships, investment in facilities/ services, accreditations and growth figures.

  1. Events and networking are a good source of marketing and PR

Events, such as expos and conferences that you are visiting/attending, provide an opportunity to create a PR ‘buzz’ about your product and services. Also if you’ve paid to be a member of a network –use the communications channels!

Website, Analytics and Social Media

  1. Review your website’s mobile performance

With the rise of iPhones and iPads, this is now catching up in a B2B environment, meaning just ‘having’ a responsive site is no longer enough. Get someone to outside of the business to check that they can easily and quickly find some key information from your site – on their mobile. If not, look to improve it!

  1. Measure your conversions in Google Analytics

The most creative campaign in the world isn’t enough if you can’t measure its success. Make sure that you have Google Analytics conversion tracking installed so you can gauge the number of conversions directly attributed to your campaign.

  1. Make social media a two-way conversation

The clue is in the name – social media is not a one way stream of sales messages, it’s about two way conversation. If your tweets or Facebook posts aren’t generating replies, review and amend them to ensure conversations flow. Are there any questions out there on social media which your target customers need answering?

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