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Date: 29 March 2018 | Time: 14:29

Horizonworks Annual Awards

Our Annual Awards recognise and celebrate the hard work and dedication of our employees.

At Horizonworks, we value the contribution of our people and encourage them to grow and develop within the business. We believe in recruiting and retaining those who share our values and are committed to their own personal development and career progression.

We are delighted to announce that the winners of this year’s awards which were based on 2017’s performance are:
Employee of the Year was awarded to Antonia Edwards, account director who has consistently demonstrated client and service quality as well as showing the commitment and dedication required to achieve excellence and success.

Our designer, Kasey Hartney won Rising Star of the Year. Kasey’s track record reflects a strong potential for leadership in the company – a rising star – particularly in driving our creative and design proposition forward in the future.

This year’s Team Player of the Year was awarded to Camilla Bailey, marketing executive who has supported all teams across the business and has demonstrated that she is a reliable and proactive member of the team.

Samantha Davidson, managing director at Horizonworks, said: “At Horizonworks we pride ourselves on being a company that individuals can join and then grow within – continually learning and developing new skills. People are our business. We strongly believe in rewarding those that go above and beyond and who show the commitment and determination to succeed and grow within the business.

I’d like to congratulate Antonia, Kasey and Camilla for their outstanding contributions over the past year in demonstrating service and client excellence and showing their commitment to our future growth.”

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