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Whether regional, national or global; well-established, or start-ups breaking new ground, our bespoke and full service approach means we can match the diverse needs of today’s B2B companies.

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1. Established businesses

Well-established, reputable businesses often need to rebrand, launch new products or simply need a fresh pair of eyes.

In today’s highly competitive economy, it’s important your company stays at the top of its game. Horizonworks can help refocus and rejuvenate your marketing needs. If you’re launching a new product, we can offer an alternative and innovative insight. If you’re rebranding, we can help refresh and rejuvenate your business.

Some of the services we can offer established businesses include:

  • Marketing strategy re-focus
  • Rebrand strategies incuding situational analysis and futureproof planning
  • Launch campaigns for new products or services
  • Additional marketing expertise to your in-house teams to deliver specilaist projects
  • Content marketing for blogs, online marketing and social media
  • Deliver regional, national and international PR campaigns

We want to help your business reach new heights with their marketing, increase visibility and get results. Our flexible outsourced marketing team model can work to complement and supplement your internal marketing teams and help to raise your visibility, showcase your credibility and generate qualified leads.

2. Entrepreneurs and start-ups

It can be difficult starting out and Horizonworks can help make it that bit easier.

We understand the difficulties of starting out. Whether launching a global, national or regional product we can help formulate a strategy that matches the budget and needs of your company.

Some of the services we can offer entrepreneurs and start-ups include:

  • Branding development and logo design
  • Creation of key messages
  • Creation and implementation of marketing strategy
  • Delivery of your marketing plan including PR, social media, digital marketing activities
  • Content marketing for blogs, online marketing and social media
  • Development of your sales materials
  • Support in business development including database development

We tailor our strategy to match your needs, seeing it through with a results-focused delivery. Our flexible outsourced marketing team can offer you the equivalent of a complete marketing division, helping you from the beginning of your journey.

3. Technology and innovation based companies

Cutting-edge products and world-class research mean that these companies are providing products and services of global importance. At Horizonworks we specialize in grasping this technology quickly so we can create compelling marketing messages.

Over the years, we’ve worked with companies who are producing some of the most innovative technology and research in the UK and beyond. We understand how to quickly grasp complex technologies, products and services so we can translate your ideas into a language your customers will understand.

Technology and innovation based fields we have worked with include:

  • Life sciences
  • Biotechnology
  • Healthcare
  • IT services and technology
  • Energy and smart technologies
  • Engineering and manufacturing
4. Memberships and networks

We understand that building relationships is important. We’ve worked with many technological, academic and scientific networks and organisations over the years, helping them to increase influence, share research and boost participation.

We can help produce events, conferences and publications that can help increase and retain membership as well as deliver membership campaigns to generate leads and profile build through specialist PR programmes. Our flexible, outsourced marketing team can offer you the equivalent of a full marketing division if your network needs full time suppoty, or help supplement internal marketing teams.

Some memberships and networks we have worked with include:

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