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How long has it been since you put your marketing activity under the microscope? Do you know how well your marketing is performing? Horizonworks offers a free Marketing Health Check that will help you find the answers. Plus, we’ll provide recommendations to ensure your marketing activity is helping you to achieve your objectives… and making your business stand out.

We will examine how well you are engaging with your stakeholders in the digital realm, whether your design and visual style is turning the right heads and crucially, how effective your current marketing strategy is.

We’ll ask if your brand is truly encompassing your company’s personality, look at how well your marketing campaigns are performing and assess your public relations activity.
Drawing on our expertise across the full range of marketing channels, our free Marketing Health Check offers invaluable feedback and advice from Horizonworks’ marketing experts.
Our Marketing Health Check offers:

  • A one to one review session
  • Analysis of your current marketing activity
  • Feedback on the effectiveness of your marketing tactics
  • Recommendations to help your business grow

We can only offer free marketing health checks to companies within a 50 mile radius of our head office.

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