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Building your Brand-Our Top Tips!

10 June 2018

Understanding of the importance of your brand and its role in creating positive perceptions and building a strong profile is essential in today’s world. Maintaining an ongoing brand development programme that is embedded into the wider, bespoke marketing strategy is vital in developing a powerful brand – read our 5 top tips to help you achieve and define your brand.

1. Define your brand

First and foremost, what is your brand? Ask yourself these questions about your business: What is your core purpose? What is your brand promise? What is the personality of your business? What are your company values, vision and mission? The answers should help you define your brand. However, it is important to review internal and external factors that have an influence on your brand, specifically your customers, contacts, employees and competitors.

2. Determine perceptions of your business

A useful way of understanding what your customers, employees, suppliers and contacts think about your business is by conducting a brand audit. This gathers information from a sample of your external contacts and provides feedback on their perceptions of your business. An audit can reveal what they believe your business stands for and how your company is positioned within its sector.

3. Understand your competitors

What sets you apart from your competition? In order to position your brand successfully, you need to understand what other companies are doing in your sector. Every market has competitors. Whether they are direct or non-direct, you need to understand who they are, what they do, how they communicate and how they are viewed in your sector, as this will have a direct impact on your brand.

4. What makes your business unique?

The factors which make your organisation unique will help you win new business and should be communicated in your brand. Some companies incorporate a strapline (or slogan) into their logo which is a simple way of communicating their point of difference. Consider your unique selling proposition (USP) when reviewing your brand, as this is how you will stand out from the crowd. Sometimes people remember the slogan more than the logo.

5. Consistency, consistency, consistency

Whatever tactics you use in getting your brand noticed, whether that’s through your logo, PR activities or advertising campaigns, it is important to convey your brand message. Because we are all bombarded by commercial messages every day, make sure that your brand is conveyed on a platform which communicates effectively to your audience. Be clear about your campaign objectives and make sure that marketing activity achieves brand consistency.

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