Digital marketing

The power of digital marketing.

Digital marketing should play a pivotal part in any brand’s overall marketing mix, whether it’s innovative social media, regular email campaigns, or technical SEO to ensure your website performs well in the search engines.

Digital marketing offers the benefit of deep insight, a measurable ROI, and allows an agile way of delivering your business’ needs. Horizon Works’ digital marketing specialists can help you manage all of your digital marketing, from email campaigns, to making the most of your YouTube channel.

Website design and development

If your website is beginning to look outdated, we can work with you to create a website to position your company in the best light possible. Your website is often the first impression a customer will make of your business, so getting it right is more critical than ever.

We can work with you to develop the following:

  • Beautifully designed, responsive websites
  • Full e-commerce websites with payment gateways
  • Support contracts to keep your website fresh

All of our websites are responsive and use the futureproof and highly adaptable WordPress platform.

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Search engine optimisation (SEO)

The constant changing nature of search engines means that websites need to feature comprehensive content, a technically sound structure, and receive regular updates to attract new traffic and customers. SEO is a long-term way of sustainably reaching new customers via your website.

We can help with the following areas:

  • Technical audits
  • Keyphrase research, content marketing, optimisation and strategy
  • Link-building and outreach campaigns
  • Local, international, and complex subject SEO
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Google ads / PPC

Google Ads are an effective way of driving highly-relevant traffic to your website while proving measurable return on investment. We’ll create pay-per-click campaigns which are highly flexible and can adapt quickly to suit the changing needs of your business, for example a specific product offer can be immediately promoted to your target audience.

Allow us to fully manage your ad spend, including:

  • Everything from creating general awareness of your brand, through to highly-targeted product specific campaigns
  • Google and Bing search ads
  • Display ads and remarketing
  • In-depth reporting on your advertising spend
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Email marketing

We work with you to build creative and engaging email marketing campaigns on an ongoing basis. Whether this is a monthly newsletter to remain front of mind with your customers, sharing your insights and expertise, or a more product/service-focussed campaign targeting specific segments of your email database, we can comprehensively manage your campaigns. We can also set up automated email campaigns to capture your subscribers at specific times within the sales funnel, as well as:

  • On-brand template design and setup
  • List gathering and segmentation
  • Email campaign creation
  • Reporting and campaign refinement
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Our Clients

Social media marketing

Social media remains an integral part of the B2B brand awareness toolset. We can deliver social media campaigns to drive increased brand recall as well as create product-specific content. We can also manage paid social campaigns, whether Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn ads to target your audience with a high degree of accuracy.

Allow us to manage:

  • Profile setup, design and creation
  • Regular posting on the right networks for your business
  • Multimedia content creation specifically for social media
  • Paid social strategy and delivery
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Conversion rate optimisation (CRO)

If you’re not measuring the conversion rate of specific actions on your website such as contact form submissions, whitepaper downloads or service subscriptions, it’s impossible to gauge the effectiveness of these tactics. We can systematically look at how your website visitors interact with your content, and provide recommendations to increase the percentage of these visitors taking a direct action.

We can measure how users are engaging with these key interactions, and recommend changes to get more website visitors taking positive action on your site.

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Website audits and analytics

Our monthly reporting dashboard can help you make data-driven decisions to better inform how your website is performing across your most critical areas. Performance can be measured to the minutiae, from which devices people are using to access your website, which pages are most commonly viewed (and for how long), and which content items yield the most enquiries or sales.

We can also audit your website on an ongoing basis to benchmark engagement with your content, or key pages such as product or service pages. Our digital experts can then offer recommendations on how to increase this engagement, and ultimately, impact your bottom line.

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Other digital consultancy

If you’re considering any other innovative digital marketing campaigns, we can provide the consultancy you need to ensure that they reach your target audience and recommend the right digital channels to get the best return on your investment. Whether a YouTube campaign, an interactive survey on your website, or the latest trends in voice search, our digital marketing experts can provide the insight and expertise to help maximise the output of your campaign.

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