Research and Insight

Market research is essential when you’re developing your marketing strategy.

It provides information that helps you make informed business decisions and reveals insights into your business, markets, competitors and customers.

Market research can help you identify market trends and opportunities, and help you shape your product or service proposition. It will help you understand where you are benchmarked against your competitors and support you in defining your customers and markets.

In addition, market research will also reveal how customers view your business and whether or not you are meeting their expectations.

Our services

We can support you in a range of research and insight services to help shape your marketing strategy:

  • Situational analysis to understand how you are currently performing
  • Communications audit to understand internal and external perceptions
  • In-depth market and competitor research
  • Positioning and benchmarking analysis
  • Customer journey mapping and buyer persona development
  • Research into marketing channels and tactics
  • New product and service research and analysis
  • Analysis into new markets nationally and internationally
  • Customer surveys, interviews and focus groups
marketing strategy, planning, scoping

The benefits

Market research done well can help you develop your marketing strategy and:

  • Uncover business opportunities
  • Identify gaps in the market
  • Lower business and financial risks
  • Understand your customers inside and out
  • Choose relevant marketing channels and tactics
  • Stand out from your competition at stay at the forefront
  • Set realistic growth objectives which are more informed
  • Make better business decisions that are based on insight

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