Engineering and Manufacturing Marketers’ Meet-Up Jun 07

Engineering and Manufacturing Marketers’ Meet-Up

Engineering & Manufacturing Network (EMN) in partnership with Horizon Works, are hosting regular peer to peer specialist networking events for those working in marketing, sales, PR and brand within the engineering and manufacturing sectors across the North East of England.

Come and join us at the event, with like-minded professionals responsible for marketing and sales in engineering and manufacturing businesses, to develop your practice and become more effective and efficient.

Time: 12.00 - 2.00pm

Venue: Horizon Works HQ, NE23 7RZ

Ticket Price: Free

Marketing is difficult for engineering and manufacturing companies:

  • The products we sell are often complex and technical so it’s difficult to explain the benefits of products clearly and concise.
  • The target audience is small and specialised which can make it difficult to reach them with marketing messages.
  • The sales cycle can be long so it’s hard to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and evidence why the investment is worth it to a senior team.

Presentation: Building a sales and marketing strategy to support growth

At this session on 7th June, we’ll be hearing from Ben Moody, Marketing Manager of Alexander Battery Technologies, winner of the Insider Made In The North East Manufacturer of the Year (under £25 million) award

Building a sales and marketing strategy for growth can be difficult for any business. The goal for Alexander Battery Technologies was to drastically improve upon the pre-existing approach of the business.

Having been an established business for over 40 years, 2022 was the year it needed to develop a strategy to capture the increase of electrification in industry and take the business to the next level. Growing from a single sales person to a Sales and Marketing team of 10 (and counting) Alexander Battery Technologies applied its strategy to support growth through exhibitions supported by a digital strategy to feed into campaigns.

Ben’s presentation will include:

  • The steps Alexander Battery Technologies took towards building its team
  • What the team builds into its marketing plan… and why
  • A review of the company’s successes with its strategy
  • What it has learned along the way

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn about the success of an innovative North East company with a rich heritage – and see the difference marketing has made to its journey.

The event will also include a panel session with marketing and sales specialists from across the engineering and manufacturing community.

Each Engineering and Manufacturing Marketers’ Meet-Up session will focus on a specialist topic or case study and is targeted at those responsible for marketing and sales, business development, PR, and brand within and engineering & manufacturing setting at all levels.

Peer to peer activity is proven to:

  • Improve understanding – when you explain a concept to someone else, you have to think about it more deeply and in a different way. This can help you to better understand the concept yourself – the power of thinking out loud!
  • Increase motivation – you are often more motivated to learn when you are working with others and creating a sense of camaraderie.