Net Zero Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition 2024 Sep 05

Net Zero Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition 2024

This event organised by NOF, the strongest energy sector network in the UK, aims to showcase energy transition projects and supply chain opportunities.

Horizon Works will be exhibiting at this event and showcasing its services available to companies from this sector.

Time: 9.00am - 3.00pm

Venue: Hardwick Hall Hotel, Sedgefield TS21 2EH

Ticket Price: See website

NOF has consistently advocated diversification and the need for a balanced energy mix to our strong network of members, partners and the wider energy supply chain. Now, with net zero targets, the need for decarbonisation and energy security, we are working closely with key clients and stakeholders to inform UK suppliers about current and future projects with opportunities in the energy transition space.

This event is ideal for companies looking to hear about projects with opportunities; understanding aims, ambitions, timelines, how to engage, key contacts and how to position your business to supply products, services, innovations etc.

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