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Is your marketing strategy geared up for 2020?

17 October 2019

Having a strong marketing strategy is key to your organisation’s growth and future success. Possessing clear and succinct marketing tactics can allow you to stand out amongst your competitors and achieve your business goals and objectives.

However, to plan a successful marketing strategy you first need to understand how well your current marketing is performing. You can then successfully gauge what is working (and therefore what you need to do more of) and what is not performing well and subsequently needs to be improved.

That’s why we have created our online marketing diagnostic tool, Snapshot360, designed to do just that and assess your current marketing performance. Through a series of simple and strategic questions covering a multitude of areas, we can assess where your current marketing stands in an easy and efficient way.

We can help you analyse multiple different areas of your marketing performance such as:

  • Market focus and direction
  • Brand awareness
  • Market awareness
  • Client experience
  • Market implementation

You will answer a different set of questions specific to each area to truly get a detailed report of how each area of your marketing is performing. Once the test has been completed, you will receive a report that summarises all your current marketing activity along with an overall score of how your marketing is performing. Your report is yours to keep and can act as a benchmark to base your future marketing activity on.

Sharon Clark of Martel Instruments, explains: “Snapshot360 helped us to re-shape our approach to marketing. Going through the process enabled us to identify where there was room for improvement and showed us which areas we needed to focus on. It was a key step in our new marketing journey.”

Once you have received your report, we can then offer you advice and guidance depending on the results. This can take shape in multiple different forms such as:

  • A one to one review session to go through your results whether this be face to face or over the phone.
  • A full audit and health check of your current marketing activity across a wealth of channels.
  • A facilitated strategy session to understand the role of marketing in your business.
  • A bespoke consultation to review your current performance and provide recommendations.

Samantha Vassallo founder and managing director of Horizon Works, comments: “Snapshot360 is a great tool for businesses to take a fresh look at their marketing and dig deeper into how it is performing. The results will give them a valuable blueprint from which they can identify areas for improvement and will help them to shape future strategies and tactics.”

Horizon Works understands, champions and supports innovators in complex industries with marketing that is clear, connected and purposeful. We take our clients on the Horizon Works journey with the Snapshot360 test being the very start of this process. It allows us to gain an understanding of your business and its marketing which we can then base a strategy on. Through our in-depth approach to understanding what our clients do, our multi-talented team of writers, designers and digital experts produce seamless marketing that generates results.

To take our Snapshot360 test click here.

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