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Horizon is a depth of knowledge and understanding that confidently looks to the future. It speaks of the journey both agency and client go on together. It’s the necessity of being proactive and having a plan as well as being supported to react to the unplanned.

Works is the action and the industry. It’s versatile, aligned and it’s the proven generator of successful results.

Horizon Works is the perfect blend of big plans and necessary actions.

Marketing that is clear, connected and purposeful

Our in-depth investigative process quickly gets under the skin of our clients’ complex products and services. Combined with our strategic approach, this creates the strongest possible framework for great work.

That’s why we spend so much time with our clients. So that we can truly understand their businesses, digest the technical information and translate the complexity into powerful messages and campaigns that cut though the noise.

We make sure that everything is considered and joined up, verbally and visually. When we do it our way, with strategy and alignment, we can take our clients on a complete journey that leads to impact and results.

Understanding, championing and supporting innovators in complex industries

We have years of experience in a range of key industries and are active members of trade organisations and sector networks. That’s how we can quickly grasp complex technologies, products and services and translate them into compelling messages and campaigns that get noticed regionally, nationally and globally.

From start-ups breaking new ground, to firms with roots stretching back decades and businesses harnessing talent from across the UK and beyond, we make a real difference.

We turn complexity into clarity…resulting in seamless marketing that delivers success.

marketing in complex industries

Grow beyond your expectations

We change the way the organisations operate and put them on a higher level.

When we deliver marketing the Horizon Works way, we can transform how organisations think about marketing and demonstrate the impact it can have on their growth and future development.

Get in touch with us to discuss how we can put your organisation on a higher level and help you grow beyond your expectations.

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