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Our client journey

When marketing is delivered with a deeper understanding of what you do and who you do it for, it can transform the fortunes of your organisation and its people. The deeper the understanding, the further your organisation can go no matter how complex.

This is why Horizon Works takes the client journey so seriously. By getting to know your services and products thoroughly, our multi-talented team get the complex and work effectively with it. It’s how we change the way organisations operate and put them on a higher level.

Below, are eight stages of our client journey. They are each methodical, analytical and proactive, and what lead you to success.

1. Scope

Understanding your marketing needs

We spend time to get to know your business, objectives and future plans. This way, we understand your strategic goals and can shape our approach to deliver them. We’ll create and agree on a schedule of work; setting out our activities, timeframes and deliverables against your budget.

2. Insight

Researching your market

We research your market, competition, clients and prospective clients as well as review your marketing activities, approach and messaging. From this, we define and articulate your USP, proposition and key messages. This gives your brand the meaning that connects with your audiences and a focus for your strategy.

3. Strategy

Setting your objectives and goals

Strategy is core to everything we do. It’s how we position your organisation effectively in the market and provide a framework for growth. Our strategy is always focused on meeting your objectives, clearly and precisely mapping out what’s required to generate results.

4. Story

Expressing your voice and vision

We create your story in a way that is easy to understand and meaningful to your audience – both internally and externally. Developing the what, how and why brings a togetherness to your marketing and can transform your presence and Identity. Your story will be core to all your marketing and will express the personality and values of your organisation.

5. Plan

Planning your campaign

You must have the right marketing tactics to reach your target audiences. We pinpoint the specific activities that need to be delivered over a set timeframe and make sure they are consistent and integrated for maximum benefits and results. Everything is tailored to meet your objectives.

6. Deliver

Implementing your campaign

Once your plan is in place, we deliver the campaign using the identified channels to your market and audience. At this point, we will work with you on a retainer basis and act as your marketing team – ensuring all planned activities are completed on time and to budget.

7. Results

Measuring your results

We put the right tools and metrics in place to measure your marketing activities. These will link to your business objectives and those set out in the marketing strategy. We provide regular updates to our clients and produce comprehensive reports to demonstrate the impact of our activity.

8. Review

Reviewing marketing success

Your marketing should be reviewed continuously to ensure it’s still in line with your objectives and is performing at its best. That’s why we this is an important part of our journey – we ensure your marketing does not stand still and is constantly evolved.

Snapshot360 is our very own in-depth B2B marketing diagnostic.

It measures your current market position and provides insights to help you make informed marketing decisions, and put the right activities in place to improve future performance.

Developed with our decades of strategic and tactical marketing knowledge and experience, Snapshot360 consists of a range of marketing tools, resources and insights to help take your business to the next level.

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