At the beginning

Launched in February 2016, Arcinova is a contract research and development organisation (CRDO) formed following the acquisition of the Covance site in Alnwick by Arc Trinova Limited. The impressive 15,000m2 facility is homed to a heritage spanning over 30 years and houses world class science expertise and facilities. Arcinova provides both integrated end to end solutions and standalone services to pharmaceutical and biotech companies across the globe. The business holds great passion for performance with its core values being to innovate and invest to improve efficiency and productivity.

arcinova, lab, research, development
research, arcinova, lab, labratory

Our vision

Arcinova has undergone a period of fast growth and continue to do so serving an international client base. They are key players in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry and hold strong roots within the North East.

Operating and serving a global client base, Arcinova wanted to establish their brand, push their API capabilities, continue to serve and appeal to a global marketplace and ensure that their current customers easily understand the full range of specialist services that it has to offer.

Achieving this would allow their customers to gain a more thorough and complex understanding of Arcinova’s full offer. Their presence would also be increased, and the brand would become more accessible to organisations all over the world and subsequently push the story of the organisation further.

arcinova, scientists, labratory, research

Our approach

We were appointed by Arcinova to support in building the company’s profile and promote its specialist services.

We worked closely with Arcinova to firstly carry out extensive global market research to discover and analyse how Arcinova could stand out amongst its competitors and how it could excel its growth and worldwide presence. Findings from this were fed into the second stage; the creation of a new marketing strategy which was shaped around the firm’s business objectives.

A new marketing strategy allowed Arcinova to put the correct building blocks in place to help them further their global reach. Once the strategy was developed we then looked at several marketing tactics that could be implemented across the business to help Arcinova achieve its goals.

arcinova, scientist, labratory, lab
scientists, lab, research, arcinova

The work

We have supported Arcinova in implementing a range of marketing activities. This included social media support to promote events, webinars and Arcinova’s services. Additionally, we implemented digital marketing initiatives to further promote Arcinova’s capabilities such as bioanalysis, drug substance synthesis, drug product manufacture and formulation development.

Furthermore, we helped generate coverage for Arcinova in major international pharma and biotech media outlets both in the UK and in target clusters in countries including the USA and Switzerland. This helped Arcinova to further establish its worldwide presence. We’ve been instrumental in engaging Arcinova with key networks such as the North East of England Process Industry Cluster (NEPIC) – for instance by supporting the promotion of the NEPIC Pharmaceutical Conference 2018 which was held at the Arcinova site.

arcinova, lab equipment
arcinova, scientist, labratory

“Horizon Works has provided good support for us in the early phase of our development and helped us achieve our rapid growth in customer numbers.”

Mark Chadwick, CCO of Arcinova

arcinova, testing, research

The results and beyond

By supporting Arcinova to implement marketing activity based on a strategic approach, Arcinova has built its international brand presence, supported its business development efforts and positioned itself as an attractive place to work, with an exciting future.

Through the implementation of North East England-focused public relations campaigns, we have also helped to establish Arcinova as a major player in the North East’s pharmaceutical sector and support its ongoing recruitment drive.

arcinova, scientists, research

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