In the beginning

Crabtree has been providing global metal decorating and coating solutions for more than 50 years. It manufactures its own well-established range of metal decorating machines from its base in Gateshead, North East England as well as manufacturing and holding in stock a range of component supplies. The company also uses its extensive knowledge to provide bespoke solutions for customers.

The company is renowned world-wide for its service and machines. However, it had suffered from a lack of regular marketing activities and a reduced global profile. This had led to a perception, in some parts of its target market, that Crabtree was no longer a leading player in its field or was no longer operating in the sector. The company approached Horizon Works to change this perception.

Our Vision

We knew that work was needed to raise the profile of Crabtree and this would need to be done with PR activity in trade press – to enable it to reach its international customers. We would also need to ensure that the website was updated to provide a window into the company with social media and email marketing being used as further ways for the company to engage with its customers and prospects.

We would also refresh the brand enabling the company to retain recognised elements of its logo whilst modernising it to stand out in the market.

Our approach

Horizon Work’s full capabilities of design, digital, PR, marketing and strategy were called upon to deliver Crabtree’s refresh and develop marketing campaigns that would demonstrate its proposition and raise its profile.

Our approach was designed to put in place the building blocks from which to develop the company’s brand and messaging and roll this out to the website, social media and marketing activity.

“We are extremely happy with the work of the Horizon Works team in helping to amplify our company narrative around the projects we’re working on and the services we offer, driven by our experienced engineers. The team has done a great job in updating our logo and creating a visually impactful style that enables us to stand out.”

Alan Rutter, Senior Director

Our work

We conducted market and competitor research and used our findings to develop hard hitting messaging that would highlight its services and capabilities and resonate with operators in the metal decorating industry.

Our design team turned the well-recognised C of Crabtree into an icon that could be applied to machines and across marketing material. We extended the colour palette to provide more scope for design and achieve a greater visual impact.

Horizon Works was retained to provide PR and social media services as well as digital support which included creating new pages on the website and refreshing the content and images. We were commissioned on several design projects including creating a company brochure, flyers and event collateral.

Results and beyond

Crabtree has been able to build on successful PR campaigns and have booked meetings and is in discussions with customers and prospects on how they can work together – discussions which have stemmed from the increased awareness in the market of the successful solutions they have delivered.

The website and social media accounts have also seen improvements in engagement, with email and social media driving traffic to the website.

The Crabtree team fully embraced the refreshed brand and have made refurbishments at their headquarters to include the new logo and visual style across all aspects of the business.

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