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At the beginning

Fostering for Middlesbrough aims to place local children with local families, and firmly believes that every child should have a safe, secure, and stable environment in which to grow and achieve their dreams.

The organisation prides itself on the many benefits and the care it provides to ensure carers, foster children and families are given the upmost support financially and emotionally through expert training, guidance and advice.

fostering for middlesbrough logo
children playing

Our vision

As part of Middlesbrough Council, the fostering service did not have a brand of its own. Therefore, the team at Middlesbrough Council required an individual brand for its fostering service to help better position it in the local community and raise its profile.

The fostering team pride themselves on working closely with all those involved in the fostering process such as parents, families and children. As a result, the service needed a brand that effectively portrayed the amazing and impactful work that takes place.

Middlesbrough Council appointed Horizon Works to develop a new name and brand that effectively portrayed its fostering services.

bike, family

Our approach

Working with the team at Middlesbrough Council we developed a new brand identity for its fostering service. Through working closely with their team, we coined the brand name, ‘Fostering for Middlesbrough’ a name which promotes inclusion and unity, as well as reinforcing the connection with Middlesbrough Council whilst still giving the service its own identity.

The new brand needed to portray Fostering for Middlesbrough as an understanding, friendly and professional fostering service consistently across all platforms. Through a new and defined tone of voice, the organisation can effectively market its key messages and create the necessary impact. We also produced a full set of brand guidelines, highlighting key brand elements such as tone of voice, logo and typography.

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infant walking

The work

Once a strong identity had been developed, we could then provide Fostering for Middlesbrough with additional materials to help the team continue to raise its profile and maximise its reach.

We provided Fostering for Middlesbrough with a brand tone of voice document which would allow the whole team to communicate in an engaging, consistent and effective way with its audience.

Additionally, we designed social media banners and icons, a key marketing leaflet, posters and a brochure folder with designed case study inserts.

fostering for middlesbrough poster
fostering for middlesbrough brochure
fostering for middlesbrough brochure spread

Horizon Works has provided a professional service to Middlesbrough Council. They have developed a strong brand for Fostering for Middlesbrough and the campaign is already having a powerful impact on the residents of Middlesbrough.

Anne-Marie O’Donnell, Marketing Officer 

grandparent, grandchild

The results and beyond

Fostering for Middlesbrough now has a clear and defined brand which the whole team can promote and market. It has been successful in its goal to raise its profile as it now has an identity of its own.

Through the range of materials produced the team can now effectively communicate and easily provide information for people interested in the fostering service.

fostering for middlesbrough poster, bus stop

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