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At the beginning

Founded in 2007, Franks Portlock is a leading independent asbestos management consultancy. A UKAS accredited organisation, it operates from a network of offices across the UK and specialises in the identification, testing and monitoring of asbestos. They combine their extensive industry experience and technical knowledge to ensure that clients comply with current health and safety and asbestos regulations.

Like many businesses, Franks Portlock has generated leads and built its reputation for great work through its existing network of contacts. The owners realised that marketing, which had not been explored previously, would bring greater stability, better visibility nationally – and the growth they were looking for.

Our vision

From the outset it was clear that Franks Portlock’s brand and marketing did not reflect the standard of work being performed on a daily basis by their team of highly trained professionals. How they presented themselves and what they delivered simply did not match.

The brand, messaging and website were all outdated, and all the great stuff that made the organisation uniquely brilliant was left unsaid. We knew what could be achieved with our audit, analysis, understanding, and creative output; in communicating the complexities in a compelling and engaging way.

Horizon Works would reposition Franks Portlock as the leading asbestos management company in the North East and beyond.

Our approach

We reviewed Franks Portlock’s services over the time it had been in business. Pulling apart whatever visuals, materials, marketing and messaging did exist to figure out what worked and what needed to be redone from scratch.

From our competitor analysis, as well as in-depth sessions with customers, founders and staff, we put together a rich collection of qualitative data that measured the feelings people had for the current brand and what they wanted to see change.

We also explored the strategies used to reach and appeal to the target market. We discovered — pretty much across the board — nothing was standing out as it should have been for anyone, internally or externally. A complete refresh was required to give everyone involved something to proudly get behind and lead with.



The work

The entire Horizon Works team came together to bring this project to life. We created a new brand platform, articulated what they offered in a series of authentic and engaging headlines and messages, and developed a new website and marketing support materials to appeal to a much wider audience.

By providing the Franks Portlock team with a language matrix, we were able to get accurate translations of technical language approved, so we had a relevant and quick-step document to use for all future campaigns – ensuring everything would be underpinned by their new brand story.

The new look and feel reflected a much bigger and bolder position in the marketplace. It was suddenly very identifiable and stood them apart from competitors. The recognition factor for the internal team and marketplace was an instant success, as we began to tactically direct our messaging through specific channels at key times.

The results and beyond

Franks Portlock’s profile transformed rapidly after the launch of its new identity and website, in tandem with our marketing strategy.

Within 12 months the company expanded outside of the North East, opening offices across the UK and it now confidently competes nationally.

Pushing ahead, we are on a continual journey with Franks Portlock, collaborating and implementing great marketing campaigns on an ongoing basis and constantly introducing new ideas to get them out there in the market. Satisfyingly for us, the core of our strategy stays strong and valuable today, even if parts orbiting it have evolved.

“Three years-ago there was no joined-up thinking and now there is. With Horizon Works, all the marketing skills and creative pull together, in one place. The shared understanding has made everything so much slicker and effective.”

Phil Franks, Technical Director

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