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At the beginning

INVISTA Performance Technologies is the technology licensing group within INVISTA, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Koch Industries. The company provides the resources and know-how to deliver world-scale technology for licensing to a growing portfolio of technologies in the polyester, polyurethane, nylon and refinery value chains.

It has niche offerings and needs to communicate these effectively – via the use of presentations – to audiences with different needs – including potential investors technicians and engineers. However, the INVISTA team did not have a consistent approach to presentations and found it a challenge to convey complex messages in an easily digestible and impactful form.

Our vision

INVISTA commissioned Horizon Works to create a more consistent and visually striking approach to its presentation style and develop more cohesive and effective messaging that it could use when communicating with investors.

We wanted to provide INVISTA with messaging that would clearly highlight their service offering and position their expertise and display complex data and information in a quick to digest format as often when communicating with investors INVISTA does not have a lot of time to convey their offering. 

As the INVISTA team work around the world we were also conscious that the delivered style would need to work across different cultures.  

Our approach

We started the process with a scoping session and interviews with INVISTA employees and used the findings the sessions to first highlight and define their core services and created messaging that would align to these.

We then set about developing a visual style which would not only provide a consistent approach to the company’s presentations but would also be transferrable to other marketing materials, so that once they took an investor through the first stage, the investor would continue to see the same approach through further presentations and information packs, reinforcing the messaging.

“We are scientists and engineers, we know our industry well and love a graph. However, we realised that we could improve how we communicate in a more visual way. The skills of the Horizon Works team have provided us with a consistent style and clear message that we are able to communicate – they have successfully enabled us to share our complex message in a coherent way.”

Andrew Sagar, CTO

The work

Having agreed a new suite of messages that highlighted the experience and heritage of the team as well as the results their licensed technology delivers we set about creating a new visual style that would support the messaging. Utilising the skills of our digital and design team we created a new visual style that could be easily adapted to different target markets, such as using more colour for presentations to the Chinese.

Furthermore, we created striking visual images and infographics that could be re-used and adapted to tell the company story. The infographics and visuals Horizon Works created translate and display complex messages in an eye-catching way that is designed to resonate with INVISTA’s target audience.

The results and beyond

Following this work, we have created a PowerPoint template and additional versions that can be used for presentations at conferences, for investors and for a more technical audience.

We were also able to demonstrate the flexibility of the new style when were tasked with creating an advert in Chinese which followed the same style of using striking images and displaying complex messages in an easy to digest format.

Whilst working on ongoing presentation projects, including a template that the whole team can use, we have been retained on a monthly basis to provide consultative, content and design support as they need it around events, presentations and marketing.

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