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Murgitroyd is a global firm of European patent and trade mark attorneys, employing over 290 people across 15 offices in the UK, USA, Germany, France, Italy, Ireland and Finland. The firm’s experts help businesses from all sectors protect and maximise return on their intellectual property assets.

Horizon Works was appointed to support the Newcastle office in celebrating its 10th anniversary and raising its profile with North East-based innovators. The Newcastle team, based in the heart of the city, assists global and North East businesses and organisations of all types and sizes in getting the most from their intellectual property. The team’s knowledge and experience can be applied to advise clients on patent, trade mark, design and copyright issues.

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Our vision

To promote Murgitroyd’s work with North East innovators and raise its profile, Horizon Works was commissioned to use its local knowledge, resources and connections to cement the firm’s position within its target markets and use the 10th anniversary as evidence of its success and credentials.

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Our approach

Horizon Works developed a 6-month profile-raising campaign which included the creation of case study articles that were placed with local business publications to demonstrate the team’s expertise.

Our understanding of complex industries enabled us to create a campaign that focussed on key messages that would resonate with target audiences and highlight the capabilities of the Murgitroyd Newcastle team.

In addition, our local knowledge would be called upon to support Murgitroyd’s central marketing team, based in Glasgow, to organise a 10th anniversary event in Newcastle to thank its clients and staff.

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“We’ve really seen the benefit of working with Horizon Works in 2018, with increased local press coverage and access to Horizon Works’ network of local contacts for business development purposes. We’ve enjoyed working with Samantha and the team thus far, and are looking forward to further building on our relationship with them.”

Keith Jones, Director

The work

The Horizon Works team drafted a suite of articles that included customer case studies, thought leadership articles on topics such as Brexit and advice on intellectual property rights. We also drafted supporting social media content.

The purpose of the activity was to emphasise the passion, skills and expertise of the Murgitroyd team and its dedication to both the individuals and the companies it works with.

We also advised the team on local networks and events which they could use to raise their profile. In November, Murgitroyd sponsored a NEPIC Cluster Connect event, on the recommendation of Horizon Works, which was well attended.

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The results and beyond

The campaign showcased the success of the Newcastle office and its clients and illustrated how the team has been working with companies and innovators for the last 10 years.

This was achieved through regular and well-placed articles in Northern Insight Magazine and Contact Magazine, helping them to reach NEECC members and key decision makers. The articles focussed on the capabilities of the team using client examples and thought leadership articles. The Newcastle team has been able to further extend their network as a result of regularly attending events. Attendees that the team has spoken to have commented on their presence as well as noticing them in press articles.

The 10th anniversary event for staff and clients was well attended and raised a healthy sum for a North East charity – The Sir Bobby Robson Foundation, which was also celebrating its 10th anniversary.

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