At the beginning

The Expanded Metal Company is a Hartlepool-based manufacturer with an impressive heritage that spans over 125 years. The company was founded by John French Golding who was the inventor and patentee of expanded metal. The firm are pioneers and is renowned for its unrivalled expertise and understanding of expanded metal production techniques, capabilities and applications.

With a powerful history, The Expanded Metal Company wanted to further position itself as leaders in its market.

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Our vision

The Expanded Metal Company deliver to a multitude of clients in an array of sectors and offer a wide range of products. Having undergone some major changes such as new ownership, The Expanded Metal Company identified that it needed to re-energise its marketing, raise its profile and increase the engagement with its priority sectors including construction, filtration, engineering, security, transport and architecture and keep the sense of its rich industrial heritage based in the North East.

We identified that by taking The Expanded Metal Company on the Horizon Works journey, we could help to create and deliver a unified and clear business proposition that presented a simplified but effective company brand architecture.

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Our approach

Gaining a strong understanding of The Expanded Metal Company and its competitor market was crucial. Knowing the organisation’s core values was important as this needed to be central to anything produced. We carried out an in-depth communications audit that allowed us to benchmark the company against its competitors, gauge customer’s perceptions of its services and identify any opportunities/challenges. We also conducted a competitor, market and customer insight project to define the organisation’s USPs, proposition and key messages.

From our analysis we discovered that The Expanded Metal Company needed a more coherent and clear business proposition. It has an extensive range of services with a lack of awareness surrounding this internally and externally. A more aligned and consistent marketing strategy would improve cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. Additionally, more advertising, marketing and promotion would educate prospects and clients further about the organisation.

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The work

Through the results of our research, we developed a marketing strategy and plan to meet the organisation’s business objectives and position the firm as a leader and innovator in the development and manufacture of expanded metal mesh products. We were able to create a new visual style and a range of key messages that conveyed the expertise, values and company’s position in the market place. Additionally, we implemented a number of key marketing tactics such as PR, digital marketing (e-shots and e-newsletters), case studies, social media, events, website updates and database development.

We also developed and implemented a new website for The Expanded Metal Company’s ExMesh range of security products; an innovative and key range of products that has a more specified and niche market. This allowed these security products to hold a much stronger identity in the market place and would all together help raise the profile of the company.

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“From the initial meetings with Horizon Works, their strategic and creative approach really impressed us. They have a flair for understanding business requirements along with a rounded marketing expertise that really shone through. The team at Horizon Works demonstrated a solid understanding of our business vision and growth plans.”

Philip Astley, Managing Director at The Expanded Metal Company

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The results and beyond

Moving forward, we are now The Expanded Metal Company’s outsourced marketing team and will continue to support the organisation with its marketing strategy and plan.

The company now has the appropriate materials in place to allow it to market effectively and reach wider audiences and be able to provide all the key information needed to cross-sell their wide range of products to potential prospects and clients.

With its new website, visuals and key marketing tactics being implemented we have helped to add clarity to the brand. Additionally, by creating a separate brand and website for its ExMesh range, the product can create a bigger impact within a more specified target market.

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