At the beginning

Wellbeing Works is a performance, engagement and wellbeing consultancy specialising in creating work environments that enable people to thrive. It uses data driven analysis and evidence-based solutions to help its clients achieve optimal performance by improving their employees’ wellbeing and engagement.

Its former name, Drummond HR, looked to Horizon Works to provide strategic support and help them shape their proposition and marketing strategy to position them as a national organisation providing high quality, data driven wellbeing consultancy.

Our vision

Drummond HR provided a vast range of consultancy outside of its niche such as HR, mentoring and senior management training and development. Its core offer – wellbeing in the workplace – was hidden amongst these services and its proposition was not clearly defined or communicated effectively to its audiences.

Its consultants are leaders in their field and what they do dramatically changes the way organisations and its people behave and operate in the workplace – in larger cases, saving clients millions of pounds.

The challenge was to transform this business into a consultancy that specialises in wellbeing, performance and engagement and move away from the traditional HR and personal development offering.

Our approach

Key to this project was having a clear understanding of the market landscape – what competitors were out there, what consultancy is being offered and what are people’s perceptions of wellbeing. It was clear from our market research that there was a niche for Drummond HR in the UK.

Speaking to its clients, it was clear that their consultancy was having a positive impact on their business. From a proposition perspective their services needed to be more clearly defined – what they actually did for the client was very different to what they said that they did.

The insight highlighted that there was a complex understanding of what Drummond HR did and its approach. Feedback was that it needed to be packaged in a more effective and simplified way – with benefits of the consultancy being at the core. As a result, we recommended a change of name ‘Wellbeing Works’ and everything would stem from this.

The work

The strategists, writers and designers came together to develop and shape the Wellbeing Works brand which included messaging, content, visuals and a new brand story which included a clearer proposition to the market. We created a new process which defined its consultancy areas called ‘7 Elements to Workplace Wellbeing’ and this would act as a marketing tool moving forward.

The new marketing strategy stemmed from this with clear routes to market and tactics to position and promote them better. We developed a new website, case studies, sales pack and marketing materials to launch the new brand. In the marketing plan we detailed key campaigns, events, speaking opportunities and PR opportunities – all focusing on the key themes that made up the 7 elements – and delivered these activities as its marketing team, generating increased profile and awareness.


The results and beyond

Because of our strategy-led approach, Drummond HR has now transformed the way it now operates, as Wellbeing Works. The creation of the Wellbeing Works brand has helped them communicate the right proposition, create the right perceptions and target the right audiences. It represents the expertise, experience and results that it can bring to an organisation.

Through the various marketing campaigns Horizon Works delivered, Wellbeing Works has been able to position itself as a leading consultancy in its market and increase its profile nationally as an expert in its field. We took them on our journey of understanding, alignment and success and this has led to business growth

“Horizon Works support has been invaluable in helping us communicate our proposition effectively to our target audiences. We were already aware of Horizon Works strategic know-how, marketing expertise and creative vision before embarking on this project, but it’s been fantastic to see this experience brought to bear for our company.”

Hamish Moore, Owner and managing director Wellbeing Works / DrummondHR

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