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Why manufacturers should be using Social media

19 February 2019

Social media has long been accepted as a natural, and vital component in B2C marketing strategies. Even some larger B2B companies have begun to see the value in a comprehensive social presence, however, one industry that has been slower to adopt social media is manufacturing.

By not using social media, manufacturers are neglecting an important marketing resource, and the opportunity to reach potential new customers on a regional, national or international scale.

Here’s some top reasons why manufacturers should embrace social media marketing.


The number of UK adults who use social media daily is enormous. Its estimated that the total number of users in the UK is around 44 Million people, that’s approximately 66% percent of the population (source statistica), and worldwide the number of active users is expected to reach 3.02 billion by 2021!
While we know there will be less engagement with a B2B company, when compared to a B2C company, but it’s likely that your customer, or potential customer will have some social media presence that you can tap into and engage with to raise awareness of your brand.

Expertise and personality

You’re an expert in your field, you’ve been working hard to perfect your product and manufacturing practices. You know everything about your company; and social media is a great way to convey your expertise to your market. By sharing information, interacting with partners, customers, and industry professionals, you’re creating a personality for your brand as a thought leader, and as a company who can be trusted to know what they’re doing.

Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, also offer a fantastic opportunity to spread news about your company activities and staff in a much more relaxed way, which is a great way to really convey your brand personality in an interesting way, and let customers get to know exactly who they are dealing with.


Unlike typical B2C sales cycles, manufacturing sales journeys can be much longer and have the potential to go on for months, or even years before your customer can place that big order. During this time, it’s important to remain visible to your customers, in an effective and non-evasive way. Social media posts are a great way to do this. You can share new and existing content that will be relevant and interesting to your customers, offering expert advice, practical tips and product updates, will keep you in on their radar for when the time comes, that they are ready to move forward in their buying journey.


An additional benefit of social media is interactivity. Your customers can easily reach out to provide feedback and ask for help. This can be particularly useful when introducing new products and services to the market and can be used as a valuable tool for research and development.

We understand that with the possibility for negative comments, opening your company up for feedback on a public forum can be daunting, but that’s no reason to fear social media. Dealing with customer feedback in a positive way on a social media platform can actually improve your company’s reputation, and show you are confident in your ability to meet your customer’s needs and requirements.

Website traffic

Sharing your news posts, blogs and whitepapers on social media is a great way to get your company in front of new potential customers, but it’s also a terrific way to link traffic back to your website and increasing overall website visits. By creating engaging posts, you are inviting users to your website and encouraging them to find out more about your products and services.

Now you’ve looked at some of our top reason, as a manufacturing brand can you really afford not to engage with social media?
If you’d like further information about how Horizon Works can help with your social media, or manufacturing marketing strategy, please contact us here

Social media has long been accepted as a natural component in B2C marketing strategies. Even some larger B2B companies have begun to see the value in a comprehensive social presence, however one industry that has been slower to adopt social media is manufacturing.



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