Marketing Review

Marketing review – Measure your marketing in minutes with our online diagnostic tool Snapshot360.

Snapshot360 measures your marketing strategy and focus, brand and market awareness, client relationships and experience, channels and tactics, delivery and implementation and how you review your results.

On completion you will be emailed a report outlining your scores in each of these areas and advice and tips on improvements.


How It Works

Snapshot360 measures your marketing in minutes, here’s how:

Step 1
Complete the online diagnostic here >

Step 2
Receive your free email report

Step 3
Understand what needs improving

Step 4
Get in touch for further advice

What We Review

Market Focus
and Direction

Brand Awareness



client experience, person


flag, market implementation
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What Next?

Following your free marketing review and once you receive your Snapshot360 report by email, we can provide additional advice, support and consultancy:

  • A telephone consultation to go through your results in detail and create an action plan.
  • A more in-depth marketing audit across all marketing channels in your business.
  • A facilitated marketing strategy session to kick start your planning.

There’s a range of research, strategy and consultancy services we can offer to help your business – read more here >

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We can make a difference

“I was really impressed with the depth and level of detail that the marketing review went into. We will undoubtedly see benefits to our business as we work our way through the actions that came from this work.”

Jamie Brown, Chief Executive Officer, Francis Brown

“Snapshot360 helped us to re-shape our approach to marketing. Going through the process enabled us to identify where there was room for improvement and showed us which areas we needed to focus on. It was a key step in our new marketing journey.”

Sharon Clark, Martel Instruments

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