Engineering and Manufacturing Marketers’ Meet-Up Oct 18

Engineering and Manufacturing Marketers’ Meet-Up

Exploring Search Engine Optimisation – and how to make it work for your business

Engineering & Manufacturing Network (EMN) in partnership with Horizon Works, are hosting regular peer to peer specialist networking events for those working in marketing, sales, PR and brand within the engineering and manufacturing sectors across the North East of England.


Time: 12.00 - 2.00pm

Venue: Horizon Works HQ, NE23 7RZ

Ticket Price: Free

Not sure where to start with search engine optimisation (SEO)? Want to get ahead of your competitors in the Google rankings? This edition of Engineering and Manufacturing Marketers’ Meet-up will help you grasp the basics, and understand the challenges and opportunities!

Horizon Works will be providing an overview of SEO and what it means for marketing. We’ll also look at the importance of an SEO strategy and explore good practice around website content.

Sarah Atkinson, Senior Search Marketing Consultant, will be putting technical considerations under the spotlight, and providing guidance on aspects such as metadata, keywords, algorithms and analytics.

And Joaquín Morales, Managing Director of New Horizon, will be talking guests through a case study of SEO work with Michelin.

There’ll be lunch, plenty of coffee and networking, along with expert advice and discussion!