Has SEO got you spooked?


Has SEO got you spooked?

26th October 2023

Horizon Works recently hosted the Engineering and Manufacturing Marketers’ Meet-Up with Engineering and Manufacturing Network (EMN) and SEO was the hot topic!

We welcomed marketers, sales professionals and business development teams to our Event Space on 18th October for some specialist insight into search engine optimisation – from technical considerations to good practice in generating content, analytics to building backlinks.

And there were certainly a few scares as our expert speakers opened the trapdoor on SEO…

If your business is being haunted by some of the following issues, and you are not seeing your company rising up the Google rankings, maybe it’s time you called Ghostbusters (ok, we mean Horizon Works – bear with us!).

Slow website speeds – if your website is taking a long time to load up on desktop and mobile, this could be affecting its Google ranking. We can talk you through some fixes…

No keyword strategy – if you haven’t researched which keywords to optimise your website content for, you could be missing out on relevant website traffic (and leads).

No outreach activity – if you aren’t proactively building backlink opportunities – for example through public relations, and engaging with partner businesses and networks – you could be falling behind your competitors.

No new content – haven’t added a new article, blog, case study or product page to your website in years? Google might think it has turned into a zombie. Ouch.

Website isn’t optimised for mobile – Google introduced ‘mobile-first indexing’, so it primarily uses the mobile version of a website for indexing and ranking. If your website doesn’t work so well on a smartphone, there could be a negative effect on SEO.

Broken links – if your website links to pages that no longer exist, or have moved, then this is bad news for SEO. And it can be easy for these to build up over time, if your website isn’t regularly checked.

These are just some examples of SEO nightmares!

So if you’d like to sleep better at night – and tackle those gremlins – talk to our team about an SEO audit and recommendations report. Contact us here.