Koch Technology Solutions


Koch Technology Solutions (KTS), based at the Wilton Centre, is the technology licensing arm of Koch Engineered Solutions (KES). The company creates value for its customers across a growing portfolio of technologies including the polyester value chain, the refining industry, and 1,4-Butanediol plus its derivatives. It works closely with other KES companies, applying its exclusive technologies, expertise, and capabilities to provide holistic solutions for optimising capital investments and maximising profitability of existing manufacturing assets


Following a rebranding in 2021, KTS – whose marketing function is provided by KES in the US – was looking for a local marketing partner to provide responsive marketing and consultancy to support its ambitions to improve internal communication, branding, and awareness, regionally and globally.


  • Core business assets recreated
  • A design team on hand for fast and efficient asset creation
  • Ongoing marketing consultancy around achieving business objectives
  • Design of a suite of social media graphics
  • Designs to bring to life the company’s values throughout its new office space


  • A growing LinkedIn presence driving regular engagements
  • New website content and keyword research to support a search engine optimisation strategy and improve website performance
  • A strong and trusting partnership between Horizon Works and KTS, as well as with its parent company KES
  • A marketing schedule and planned activity that can support business objectives